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Basalt Reinforcement Mesh Geo-Grid

Strengthen concrete with rebar mesh

Available in different sizes with epoxy coatings for concrete and composites and asphalt coatings for asphalt reinforcement.

Basalt Mesh is better than steel for many reasons
• Stronger than steel wire of comparable size
• By far lighter and easier to handle and install (no nasty cuts).
• Will not rust or corrode or cause cracking of concrete
• Flexible for easier design
• Basalt does not conduct electricity or induce electric fields
• Basalt Mesh binds well with both asphalt and concrete
• Many mesh sizes available: 5x5mm, 10x10mm, 25x25mm and 50x50mm coated or uncoated mesh available

Basalt Fiber Geo-Grid

Used for reinforcing asphalt-concrete (covering in construction, reconstruction and repair of airport, runways, highways and any pavements, pedestrian ways, road inclines and banks).

The reinforcement with basalt mesh and Geo-grid increases the overall reliability, safety and the cutting process output. The strength of basalt mesh is as good as metal reinforcement, however it is also 2.6 times lighter, thereby simplifying transportation and handling in construction.

Basalt Geo-grid is more durable than metallic and glass-fiber reinforcement due to basalt fiber’s excellent performance. Like all the basalt articles it is an ecologically safe material.

Basalt Mesh is available plain or resin coated. Window size 5mm x 5mm. 10mm x 10mm. 25mm x 25mm. 50mm x 50mm. Each roll is 1 meter wide by 50 meters (total 50 square meters). Purchase by the roll, square meter or square yard. Contact Nick for more information, basalt product prices and shipping quotes.


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